Chimneys, though they appear to be a very simple structure, there is more to them than what meets the eye. Within the inside of a chimney, there is something called a chimney liner. Chimney liners are made of different materials, including metal, clay, and tile. Despite the material, they all serve the same purpose – to protect the chimney and keep the home safe from the dangers that result from fires and fireplaces. This hidden element provides many benefits, therefore making it important to be mindful of.

Function/Purpose of Chimney Liners
• Ensure proper airflow, to prevent smoke and CO2 build-up
• Prevent hazardous gasses, which are emitted from fires, from seeping into the home from cracks or holes in the walls of the chimney
• Reduces the creosote build-up that is the product of burning wood and can block air flow
• Protects the chimney’s structure from water damage
• Increases energy efficiency and lowers heating costs, when functioning properly

Chimney Liner Experts

Because chimney liners serve a significant role in the safety and security of your home and loved ones, it is vitally important to ensure it is in optimal condition, at all times. Extreme Chimney provides full services for chimney liners, from start to finish, beginning with our complete inspections, during which an inspector will evaluate the condition and function of your chimney and its liner. In the event that anything is wrong with your liner, our skilled, chimney specialists and masons can usually make the necessary repairs. However, if you are in need of a new liner or if you purchase a house that built prior to 1950’s and the home does not have a liner, our experts can perform a new installation quickly and efficiently. We can also provide you with an on-site estimate, for any installations, repairs, or maintenance jobs you are in need of. Our dedicated professionals are also available to answer any questions or concerns. Extreme Chimney & Roofing are the chimney liner experts you need to help keep your home safe.