Extreme Chimney is dedicated to doing everything we can to keep our customers and neighboring Long Islanders safe. The best way Extreme Chimney ensures the safety of our customers is by providing services, which are designed to prevent future problems. Our chimney cap services, which include installations and repair services, will are guaranteed to increase the functionality of your chimney, therefore increasing safety, in so many ways.

What are Chimney Caps?
Chimney caps are a type of cap, specifically designed to cover the top of your chimney. This component attaches to the chimney liner, inside your chimney flue. Made of metal, most often steel or copper, the chimney cap is meant to endure brutal temperatures and weather, for many years. The top part of the cap is made of a solid, square sheet of metal, while the four walls that sit above the actual chimney are often constructed with a material that looks like a metal mesh or chain-link fence.

Why Does I Need a Chimney Cap?
Chimney caps are one of the greatest protectors of your chimney. They are designed to keep outside elements out, while lowering the possibilities of a potentially dangerous situation. In short, chimney caps are a primary source of safety and damage prevention.
• Debris/Animals – Between the solid top portion of the cap and the mesh sides, the chimney cap reduces the amount of debris, such as leaves, dirt, and more, which enter your chimney and can cause dangerous blockages. It also prevents larger animals from getting into your chimney, building nests, and using your chimney as their home.
• Water – The cap prevents a majority of rain water and snow from getting inside your chimney, which can damage the structure of your chimney. Chimneys that get wet or moist inside, also have a greater chance for build-up of soot and dirt.
• Ventilation – By protecting your chimney from rain, snow, and sleet, as well as reducing the chances of build-up and blockages, chimney caps help enhance proper air flow and ventilation. This promotes clean, safe air quality within the home, as opposed to the dangerous backup of carbon dioxide.
• Sparks – Chimney caps help keep sparks and tiny embers from escaping outside, which can land on your roof and cause fires.
• Energy Efficiency – Proper ventilation caused by chimney caps also increases energy efficiency by reducing the drafts which come from your chimney.

Installations & Repairs
If you want to protect your chimney and your home from costly damage, catastrophic fires, and even deadly carbon dioxide, then take the first step by having a chimney cap installed. Extreme Chimney’s expert professionals can provide you with an on-site estimate and have your chimney cap installed, within a matter of hours. On the other hand, in the event that your existing chimney cap is not functioning properly or has been damaged throughout the years, our chimney specialists can also perform any and all repairs needed to ensure your chimney cap is working at optimal level. This quick, easy, and relatively low-cost accessory can make all the difference in the world, which is why we highly suggest you have a chimney cap installed and have it inspected, each year.