When the winter comes thoughts turn to sitting in front or a roaring fire and feeling the comforting warmth provided by burning wood or coal.  Equally enjoyable is a wood or coal burning stove strategically located to warm the entire house while allowing for savings on the fluctuating costs of fuel oil.  In fact, the popularity of wood burning stoves and fireplaces is growing in response to the varying costs of fuel oil.

Long Island Chimney CleaningBut, fireplaces and wood burning stoves offer danger as well as warmth and ensuring that the equipment in your home is in 100% functioning condition is the best safeguard against the dangers.  The greatest of these dangers is the build-up of residue and creosote on the interior walls of chimneys.  Creosote and other residue is highly flammable and in the small confines of a chimney the combination of an active fire, residue build up and a constant flow of oxygenated air can turn a peaceful night before the fire into a conflagration that could destroy property and, god-forbid, loss of life.

A report from the U.S. Fire Administration, a division of the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), was released in mid-summer 2013 in regards to these dangers.  The message has been reinforced during the winter months by the expected reports of house fires caused by fireplaces and portable heaters.  The reports by local TV stations are heartbreaking but being a victim can be avoided.

The continued diligence of homeowners in their adherence to and continuous practice of safety precautions is the greatest bulwark against such tragedy.  Known throughout the chimney service industry, guidelines and suggestions on how to safely operate a home fireplace, stove or compact heater are posted online on various government and fire department websites.  On most of these sites, the information can be downloaded to post in a place where all family members can view them.  This is especially important as knowing what signs to look for is the first step in avoiding danger and damage.

Extreme Chimney provides all of their clients with resources and instruction on how to operate their fireplaces and wood burning stoves safely when they are called into inspect and clean these sources of heat and the chimneys that remove the residual smoke from the premises.