Chimneys are responsible for properly ventilating the inside of your home, while giving dangerous smoke and gas a proper escape route. Similar to heating or air conditioning ducts, however, chimneys can become obstructed by debris and various other items, which will undoubtedly prevent it from performing in top condition. Any type of blockage, be it small or large, is a safety concern which needs to be addressed immediately and Extreme Chimney & Roofing can help you do just that.

Types of Blockages

• Build-Up – This type of blockage develops over a long period of time. Typically build-up occurs in wood burning fireplaces, in which burning wood emits a substance called creosote. Creosote sticks to the interior of the chimney liner, slowly growing and oftentimes catching larger forms of debris, due to its sticky consistency.

• Debris – In all reality, almost anything can get lodge inside a chimney, but it is most common for leaves, petals, pine-needles, dirt, feathers, and other such elements of nature, to find their way into your chimney stack. Debris often attaches to the walls of the chimney and in many cases will get lodged so that it does not drop down to your fireplace. The tiniest blockage will eventually catch more dirt and debris, making it increasingly worse. Even though your chimney may be protected by a chimney cap, the cap will not guarantee your chimney will remain free of debris.

• Animals – Mother Nature’s littlest creatures are known to wreak havoc when it comes to fireplaces. Looking for safety and shelter, birds, mice, squirrels, raccoons, and many other forms of animal life find chimneys to be the ideal place for a home. Not only is this a nuisance, but it is unsafe for wild animals to be inside your home. Additionally, even if your houseguests have moved out, there is a good chance they may have left stuff behind, such as nests and droppings. Whether they are present or not, blockages from animals can be extremely dangerous.

Is your Chimney Blocked With Debris our Chimney Cleaning Company to the Rescue

Extreme Chimney’s certified technicians are experts in evaluating and assessing the function of chimneys, as well as removing any kind of blockages. Depending upon the nature of the blockage and its location within the chimney stack, it is likely that you will not be able to remove or clear the blockage to the point that your chimney would be considered “safe” again. Our professionals have the ability, training, and means to carry out any and all steps necessary to remove blockages, including animals, while on-site. Extreme Chimney also offers 24-hour emergency services, so we can solve your blockage problem and ensure your chimney is working at peak performance, day or night.