The home you and your family live in is more than just a house, it is part of your family. Like each member of your family it lives, breathes and should have regular check-ups to ensure its overall health.  And while some people claim to be ‘house doctors’, the group of professions available to keep your home healthy is large and diverse like the medical professionals in a hospital.  One of the most important professionals you should maintain constant contact with are the chimney cleaners who help to ensure that the way your home exhales is in tip-top shape.

All homes have chimneys and some have more than one.  The primary one that helps the fossil fuel burning equipment that helps warm the house and heat the water.  For those with additional chimneys, they are helping to vent smoke and other residue from wood and coal burning stoves used to help defray the high costs of fossil fuel use.  Properly maintained chimneys allow for the home and all inside to live healthy lives, especially during the colder months when the use of all heat-generating systems are being put to use.  But if something happens to keep these systems from working properly, the results can cause serious health and safety issues for all.  More often than not, the something that happens is a chimney blockage.

Chimney blockages occur due to very common issues such as build-up of residue and creosote on the interior walls of the chimney.  These by-products are the result of burning of fuels over time without having the chimney properly inspected and cleaned.  But even the cleanest chimneys can have blockages due to the entry of leaves and other organic matter deposited in the chimney by wind and the building of nests by birds.  A more dangerous type of blockage is caused when small animals such as squirrels, raccoons and possums enter the chimney through the top seeking warmth, shelter or food and become trapped.  Animal blockages bring another health risk in the introduction of small, disease-transmitting insects that are in their fur or on their skin.  When the animal expires they will seek new hosts and what better place to go than into your warm house.

Our chimney blockage removal process not only verifies the type of blockage as well as removal of the blockage but we also conduct an inspection of your chimney to check for any additional damage or build up from the blockage has not occurred.  If we do identify additional issues, we will review our findings with you and recommend a course of action to take to deal with them.  The safety and health of your family and the home you live in is just as important to us as our own families and homes so we will help you ensure that your chimney is worry free.